Wednesday, July 28, 2010

::Sweet Realization: Thoughts on Marriage (Guest Post)

I came across this post via and I must say that I agree... A lot of times people in relationships get so caught up in the 'idea' of marriage as the cure all, end all of problems in relationships... nope... no dice... We don't understand that we must first work on self and progress on our own before we can benefit together in a partnership successfully. I'm not saying this based on experiences (Never been married...Hopefully one day, though) But I have witnessed others and been in a serious relationship or two....

Check out Raekissa Webb(August Rae) and her point of view (click this post's title to visit original post)


My Thoughts
  I really want most people to know that marriage is not the end all be all to a relationship.  I think most people have this idea of what marriage is and that it will cure all relationship problems, but it WONT!
More often then not I see people in horrible relationships.  Horrible in the sense that it's toxic for them.  They no longer really like their partner; nor are they attracted to their partner.  Often times, within the relationship the argue DAY AND NIGHT. Some relationships may even turn abusive.  Then some bright idea light pops in to their head, "Marriage!" NOT!  I really wish people would sit down and think about what a union really means.
I mean, marriage doesn't solve cheating, lack of communication, lack of respect, abuse and any other problems one can think of that may combat your relationship. How is a ring and a receipt for your legally recognized union going to help?
I don't know what most people are thinking.  If your relationship has serious issues then so will your MARRIAGE! I just want people to think before walking down the isle with someone who's toxic to you.  I know it's hard for some to end a relationship that they may have invested so much in. For most, trying to invest that in someone new is just tiresome and unthinkable.  Then I would ask why spend the rest of your life trying to mend a broken mirror that is your relationship. It's your relationship not mine, but I just want people to think.
Before you can love anyone else you need to work on YOUR DAMN SELF! Read the previous sentence one more time.
So with that said there is no magical equation to relationships.  For me, communication and trust are the biggest factors in a relationship.  If you don't have those you are destined to fail.
I'm out,
K-I Double

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

::Sweet Ingredients - Interactions and the Make Up of Who I Am::

I read an interesting post today on Facebook that was re-posted by a friend a mine... The general summary of the post is that we are the sum of our interactions and realtionships with other people...

Now that I think about it... I agree. I wouldn't be the very person that I am, if not for my experiences, interactions, and relationships.

Because they all have helped raised me in some form or another, I have specific traits cognizant of my mother, aunt, grandmother, step father and cousin...

My closest friends, i pick up their forms of speech, some of their tastes in various things.... et cetera et cetera...

The way I emotionally connect (or disconnect sometimes) is a result of my romantic relationships and the experiences I've encountered with love and all it's... stuff lol

I'm very grateful for my relationships, friendships and upbringing... With every one of them, a little piece of me is a little more developed, a little more vulnerable, a little more this and a little more that.

We never really take a second to understand The Makings of We and who we are because of our encounters. If we all had a greater appreciation for how we've come to be, our lives would be a little more easier to understand, in regards to our interactions and understanding of self. Habits, traits, personailty quirks and so on...

I love who I am. I love who I've become. Because of my won decisions and uniqueness, coupled with my relationships (current and old), I'm me... Thanks guys...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

::Sweet Reflection - Where I Wanna Be Is Not Where I Am::

It pains me deeply to sacrifice my happiness for a paycheck...

Maybe I'm a dreamer. I'll take that label as a compliment. I dare to dream and I dream HUGE! But currently, it hurts to say, that I'm not living full force within my purpose and my dreams. I work at a job that doesn't fully utilize my talents and satisfy my need to be fulfilled and happy with what i "Do"...

Many people are experiencing this very same dissatisfaction with their career or life and are being content. Saying things like "Well at least I have a job" or "at least I'm alive and well"... I get that. I really do. I am VERY greatful for my current position. But I honestly feel, no, I KNOW that I am destined for more than this.

Sometimes we become content and complacent with where we are because we're afraid of what would happen if we took that step to be bigger and better than our current situation. What steps would one take to get to that optimal level of happiness and success? How do you break the monotony of life's contentments and go for what you're purposed to do?

Faith? Faith.

I'll be honest with myself. I'm lacking in my spiritual maturity. I think that's why where I'm at is not where I want to or should be. I haven't trusted enough to let go and let God. How do we trust enough to say "Take the wheel, Big Homie! You go it!"

I want to... I really do. But it's damn hard. Does it take discipline? I believe I'm fairly disciplined but of course with all things, I could better myself and do more...

Every day, I come to my desk and die a little more inside. It kills me to slave to a paycheck in a career that is not meant for me. My heart and my passions for purpose are deeple rooted in something BIGGER.

I apologize if this post is a little on the sad end of the spectrum, but I'll say that I'm frustrated and confused. In a world of opportunity and expansive room for greatness, where do I start? I've made plan after plan, made connection, networked, lost friends, on track to be a published author, et cetera, et cetera... But I feel like nothing's changed and I need to do more... But what?

I guess at my age, this is where I'm "supposed to be"... Finding my place in the world and getting in where I fit in... Right?

But I don't want to fit in....

Monday, July 12, 2010

::Sweet Aesthetics - Could We::

 So I've been perusing the 'net lately and I've come across some damn good blogs and writing and youtube videos and... Just a boatload of GREATNESS! Last night I stumbled upon this piece by @Mentalorgasm on twitter... As far as I see... SHE'S A BEAST!!!! She also has a very thought provoking youtube that I feel you should check out: Hit the title of this post to visit the origin of the piece below

" Could We"

Me and my hormones just can’t seem to reach an understanding… I’ve been trying to be good, but they’re so damn demanding! I mean, I thought abstinence was supposed to “purify” your thoughts… I think my thoughts are dirtier now *insert laugh here*