Wednesday, December 8, 2010

::Sweet Write - Three Sided War::

Attached physically by the weakness of this flesh that I carry.

Controlled by the strings of lust that are tied to carnal desires. But confusion lies within these emotional ties that stem from habitual activity and without logical discretion.

Undressing of this flesh turns into a vulnerability of the 7 pounds within my chest that I continue to ignore like loves persistent bill collector. But honestly, who am I to express longing when the rationale of conversations undiscussed come to mind. We forever remain bodies that lay and souls unattached by means of unspoken agreement. Accepting of this arrangement from the first intertwine of limbs and denial of a heart's incessant longing.

Brain waves that cancel out all relational options, seeking logic over emotion divided by multiple orgasmic crescendos of desirable conveniences. "Us" is never a considerable topic of discussion. Forever remaining in the gray area of uncertainty's purgatory.

The three sided war.

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