Monday, June 28, 2010

::Sweet Realities - Introspective Progression: From There to Here::

Where I am today is not where I had been days prior...

Progression is necessary for forward moving evolution. I can honestly say in moments of misunderstood tribulation and downfall, I questioned my purpose and overall ability to be great. Then I realized that failure is more than necessary. How can you measure how far you've come if a low point was never experienced?

In the past year, I've learned an entirely new geographical place, lost love, questioned self, gained & lost "friends", been nearly homeless, all the way in-the-red broke, and so much more... And all of that was vital for me to become who I am at this very second and brought me to where I am. Without it, I'd be yesterday's Charrise Renee...

We, at times, resist change because we are unsure of what's to come. We lack the necessary Faith and Trust it takes to let go and allow life to take its course. There's only so much "calculated risk" and planning you can make.

Don't get me wrong, it's IMPERATIVE to have a plan, but you must know and understand that it is only natural for change to occur.

Progress is a process that happens at an entirely different rate for everyone. And my path for life is not the same as the next person with probably the same goals or polar opposite goals. Our experiences, highs and lows are tailor made to fit us uniquely. There's no comparison. And I'm glad for all that I've endured and somewhat excited to see what will happen next so that I can choose to think positively about whatever may come my way. I know it all works for the betterment of me and my purpose.

I'm at a point now where I know for a definite fact that things are about to happen and I may not be necessarily ready. But I am confident that in my preparation and readiness for the unexpected to come, I'll be more than equipped and prepared.

Live on purpose.


Monday, June 21, 2010

::Sweet Introspective - Matters of the Heart; Lost in Soul's Translation::

I really feel some type of way when people try to impose themselves on my emotions or on my heart...

Matters of the heart are not things to be tampered with or taken for granted. I feel that sometimes, I come into contact with certain people who I quickly become attached to or they become attached to me, we build a friendship and then things turn into something that was totally unexpected.

I recently experienced a matter of the heart where I met someone and become close to this person. Shared things with this person and formed a "Sister-ship"... Now there's nothing. Like the "sister-ship" never existed. For what reasons this happened, I am unsure... I can only guess from hear-say...

How does one leave things unsaid and unsettled? Is it that easy to walk away from an attachment of the soul that had bonded so close? For some, I suppose it is...

On the other hand, I experienced a different situation where two hearts where are two separate places. One heart on one path and the other on a totally different course. How is it that two hearts can coexist on the course to a successful friendship/relationship not knowing the other's planned destination... Or ulterior motive destination.

(This is my feeble attempt to be general without saying too much at the least. I hope you all understand where I'm going here :-/ )

Personally, due to past circumstance, I am guarded with my emotions and I'm not able to easily let newcomers in... I know this is bad. I know this... And I'm working on it. But how can I progress in this matter if from every which way I have someone making an imposition on my heart without aforementioned disclaimer? Why is it so hard for us as humans to just "be" emotionally? Is it because of all the missed signals and misappropriated interpretations?

A lot of the times, when it comes to our hearts, we see and feel what we want to and become victims to self induced heartbreak.

"As the days go by
I keep wondering why
You are so persistent
While I'm in resistance
It just keeps getting harder
When you force me to push you away..."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::Sweet Wisdom - Our Experiences Build the Framework for our Destiny::

Our experiences build the framework for our destiny. Every encounter, barrier, detour and positive outcome work together today to make us who we will become tomorrow. Once you gain that understanding, your ability to endure will expand ten-fold. Embrace today and everything happening right now because it is unique to you and the greatness that lies on your horizon. Your point of view plays a significant role in the successes that are ahead. So change your mind and change your destiny.

Stay positive, be better than yesterday and keep an open and clear mind.

Much Love,