Friday, April 30, 2010

::Sweet Motivation - Trust Your Struggle::

My wallpaper on my phone is one of my favorite murals or paintings in Little Five Points here in Atlanta. It reminds me to not worry about my situation because everything is happening because of divine reasoning and purpose. #BigHomie wouldn't put you through the fire if he didn't make you flame retardant. Trust his judgement. Have faith. And...

::Sweet Wisdom - Live With Good Intent::

Happy Friday!

Always be aware of your intentions. Good intentions breed good karma and bountiful blessings. In your daily walk, ask yourself "How do i add value to lives? What difference am i making?"

In your career, your goals, your relationships interact with a sense of genuine care and purpose. Negative motives are easily noticed and intercepted. As Obama states "There are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions", live with good intent, good actions will follow, and blessings will be abundant. Enjoy life and look to the sun.

Much love, Resse

::Sweet Inspiration Via @LA_HomelessGift::

So I'm sitting at my desk, and received a text from the homie @LA_HomelessGift. He's out in LA doin something that's really touching to my heart. Received this message from him and decided to share it with all of you. Follow him on twitter and witness his journey.

Much Love,

I just had the greatest experience of God’s Love.

I’ve been on Skid Row in LA 4 like the past hour just soaking it all in. I came across a group of people who were ministering to these two homeless men and explaining the bible and how God works. I stood with them for like 40 minutes and we ended it in a prayer circle as we all held hands. You can find God in the most unexpected places. It’s sooo beautiful that people took time out of their life to come share thrir love for god to those who need it. So, I’m spreading that same love to ya’ll. We are all fortunate to have life. So as my mom says “be blessed and stay blessed because you are truly blessed” :-D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

::Sweet Wisdom - Embrace The Journey::

In our daily walk to achieve success, we must remember that every journey is not the same. What is intended for someone else may not be a good look for you. Often times we get so caught up in the way that things are "supposed" to be as deemed by society, we forget that our destinies are tailor made. As the adage goes, "You can't pick the cards you've been dealt but you can play your hand accordingly". Live so that at all times you embrace your journey and know that you are living the life that was meant for you and only you.

Stay progressive, motivated and strive for greatness.

Much love, Resse

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::Polar Odds (Yea, this was for you)::

You are the subject of some

Of my best works of wordplay

My muse…

The sole source of this

Aesthetic beauty and

Shameless pain

And I love it…

So unorthodox

Catch 22

Oxymoronic love

All in the name of losing you…

And letting go of what once was

And should have never become



Too similar to exist as one

Negated opposites

By astrological design

We are inclined

And destined

For incompatibility

And deeply rooted infamy

At constant war


Battling hearts and minds

A losing game of stolen territory

No level playing field

For I finish the beginning of your story


Here we are

Two novels that cease to be


My love, a fairy tale

And with your suspense

I am smitten