Friday, May 14, 2010

::Sweet Aesthetics - Forgivable {A Writer's Love Affair Pt. 3}::

((((First and foremost, Thank you Dominnica, for part one.....))))


Please don't apologize
for your creative delays
Or explanations and play by plays
About why you stayed away
Regardless of your life travels
I shall forever remain
That needle
to your vein
that injects imaginative thoughts into your brain

For you,
I was the foundation
For you to build upon
And become
an extension of your
ever growing palatte of
Life's intricate song
I was there to
carry you when
no other hands could bear the load
those late nights
When the tears would not suffice
In the midst of my lines,
your soul
I would hold

You were ever so inclined to
illustrate with words
An architectual design of
past emotions, present pains
happiness to come

When your analytical thought proecesses
Interfere with your inventive deliberations
I'll be your north star to guide you
so your mind never further digresses

I've proven to you
my devotion
time after time
gave you
line after line
when your ink's flow
began to get low
I embedded in you
my spirit so you could,
without pen,
poetically shine

I am the format for your
testaments, memoirs, and confessions
Sworn to secrecy
Left to decipher your integral workings
Like egyptian hieroglyphs
I am your lifelong manuscrpit
indefinite definition of adoration
in it's truest gift
1st Corinthians 13
Verses 4th and 5th
Not in the name of our union,
but in love's defense

Patiently awaited your return
never jealous as life's lessons you continued to learn
from false commintments and
selfish tendencies of man
To whom,
In times of artistic confusion,
you ran
Instead of putting your sorrows in my hand
you went astray to foreign land
I am not present today to recount your infedelities
I'm here to welcome you back home
and extend everlasting comfort and dedication
in your time of need

I never left you
I kept the same lock on the door and stayed true
To the promise I made
in His name
When you picked up the pen
and said
"I Do"

My rhymes,
you have and you hold
And even after death,
we shall never part
Through me,
your legacy will prevail and stand bold
Where my stanzas end,
Your inner creative has due permission to start

I let your
Linguistics speak now
And may you never hold your peace
unless at the will of your own written masterpiece
I'll piece together those empty holes
that you surrender to your own
intuitive defeat

As long as you stay committed
While these vows we renew
The diligent pursuit of my affection
will entail happiness for you

within me,
you found you
I was the hint when you needed a clue
And when your nightmares habituate your thoughts,
I am your dream come true

Please don't go searching
for what was never lost

We go hand and hand
Pen to paper, brain to man

And we shall conquer all, no matter what the cost

© C.Renee

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

::Sweet Honesty - I'm Not Perfect::

I recently had a birthday.

Which caused me to make some re-evaluations on my life and progression I've made thus far. Before this newfound "realization", I would always be so hard on myself for not accomplishing what I said I would, given a certain time frame. I would be hard on myself for making decisions when I knew so better than to do what I had done... But the reality of it is... I'm not perfect. My imperfections are written into my human make-up perfectly...

Life is about lessons. And learning them when it's time for you to learn them. If you don't learn the first time, another lesson from the same chapter will make an appearance in life's test until you pass with flying colors. I've come to accept the fact that I'm fairly young and I have plenty of lessons to learn; class is indefinitely in session...

It's important for me, in my opinion, to assess my mistakes and decisions so that I can see the lesson in it all and experience life's ups, downs, and uncertainties to it's fullest. That's the only way to live. We can't constantly be in a battle with ourselves. That defeats the purpose of falling... It would never give us a chance to get back up.

A really good friend of mine lives by the phrase and attitude of "It Happens"...
I never really understood how something so simple could be so prominent. If we all took every step and every aspect of life so serious, there would be no room for growth and experience....

(I feel like i'm being repetitive... oh well, it's a FREE WRITE lol)

I look forward to adulthood, acquiring wisdom, and making mistakes. My mistakes, my joys, my personality, my experiences, my encounters, etc... That all makes me who I am. If one thing were to change... I wouldn't be me.

"Let me know if you feel it, man/'Cause everything I'm not made me everything I am" - Kanye West

Much Love,

Monday, May 10, 2010

:: Sweet Aesthetics - No Dial Tone: The Call of Greatness::

::No Dial Tone: The Call of Greatness::

Within these words is where I dare to dream.

Dare to succeed
in the midst of a cluttered soul
I capture metallic linings
Clouds of cotton in my intagible reach

These are my aspirations

That stretch far beyond
purple mountain majesties
and superficial birthday wishes
With the strength of the unknown
Carried on Alexander's shoulders

I aspire

To inspire you
to envision the unseen,
The astronomical caliber of your being
to be
The Greatest Creation put to breath and divine spirit
Refuse to mute your greatness
because then,
who would hear it?

Deny invading thoughts of inadequacy
Live amongst the moon so the stars may net you...
Carry you over galaxies
with whipsers of encouragement within the wind...

deeply rooted in the
bellows of your soul that
e c h o c o n t i n u a l l y l i k e

Ears ringing like persistant insanity.
Pick up the phone,
Greatness is calling.

::Sweet Wisdom - Progressive Inventory::

How do you know when you're doing better than you have been?

A lot of the times we "make moves" and stay busy but it seems as if nothing is getting accomplished. In goal setting, make sure you have ways of taking progressive inventory to know that you're doing what it is that you initially set out to do. Progress is a process measured by duly noted actions and decisions. If you aren't getting the outcome you desire then something is out of line within your plan and execution. Assess it and make change. Look to the sun and seize the day.

Much love,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

::Sweet Wisdom - Challenges Are Small Distractions::‏

Good day everyone!

In our journey to Greatness, we will often times be faced with what we deem as bigger than life challenges. The key to overcoming these is to change your perception. Challenges are only mere distractions. They may frustrate you, but remember that they are insignificant in comparison to the bigger scope of things. Don't let something small digress you from achieving all that you are destined for. Greatness is on the horizon. Perception, progression, and positivity.

Much love,