Wednesday, April 4, 2012

.::Sweet Beginnings - A New Take on a Familiar Life::.

New beginnings are always a good thing... 

Last year was definitely a learning experience with its share of ups and downs. I learned a lot about myself and discovered more about the young woman I hope to become. It takes a few trials to actually appreciate your purpose and all the things that are in store for you...

Just a quick update for pretty much anyone who reads this blog: I am currently back living in Atlanta. After a year in Chicago, I have been led back to where it is that I really want to be. Anything that pulls you back time and time again means something deep that maybe you can only understand. 

A lot of people inquire why I would want to come to Atlanta from Chicago, as to infer that it is some sort of downgrade... I have my reasons. They are mine and mine alone. But what I will say is that I am absolutely happier here and I feel safe. I think those are two basic needs that every human being should seek to fulfill: a sense of happiness and safety. Without those two things, how else can one live comfortably? 

Secondly, I am happy to announce that I am in a relationship. I've tried my best to keep it under wraps as a way to keep matters of the heart close and untouched. But I was reminded that I have written a few more times on this blog about my desire to be in a relationship and love unconditionally. So for those that frequent this blog, if any, please know that romantic love almost ALWAYS comes looking for you when you least expect it. And when it comes, you should never deny it. 

This year is definitely a new chapter in my life. Last year was growth. This year is about progress. And with any new chapter or onset of new beginnings comes a whole new collective of experiences, problems, people and lessons. Given my past, I know that I am more than ready to go THROUGH it all. From what I've come to and been brought through, I'm most certain that I am prepared. 

Even though I've been here before, it feels entirely different than before. My mindset is different, my purpose is more defined and I'm looking at life with a different set of lenses than before. The first time I moved to Atlanta, it was more so an escape. This time, it's more of an effort to build a stable life for myself and continue to grow as a young woman.

I'm excited. I'm ready. I'm loved. 

What more could I ask for?

All my love,

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